Friday, 4 January 2013

Sweetpea Dt Inspiration

I hope everyone had a good holiday and Happy New Year.

I haven't got a card to share with you but I do have some inspiration to share.  I have for a long time had the wooden box set of  Carand'ache of Switzerland water colouring pencils unused apart from the playing with them when they first arrived.  Having had difficulty mastering how to use them I had packed them away in preference of my Alcohol pens.

I love the effect Watercolouring creates but find it very difficult to be less precise and have the freedom you need when watercolouring.  I find it very difficult to leave white patches and not blend colours - that's why my watercolouring is always a disappointment as they look flat block colours and not loose and translucent!

I stamped a couple of Elizabeth Bell's Li'l Miss Polly and started trying difference techniques.  I found that on the first one I tried adding more colour whilst the image was still wet (on the girl's Hair).  I didn't like this so on the next one I added colour washes and building up slowly as each layer dried.  Again I wasn't impressed with the over all effect and decided both were too flat, the first one had no definition at all and the second one wasn't at all translucent!

Next I stamped up Karen Middleton's Face 1 and tried again adding the pencil just in the darkest areas and spreading the colour with a full headed brush adding lots of water.  To maintain the shading I dipped the brush in the water to remove any colour and adding only water to water-down the colour more as I moved to the lightest areas.  I found that this looked more like the effect I was trying to create.

I hope I have encourage any one with Water colours to get them out and have a go.  Please feel free to leave me you Water colouring tips as I would really like to improve and find a style my own style!

Large image still wet when photo was taken.

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